About Sonia

My career has centred on change – sometimes building something new, other times tweaking what’s working to take it to the next level.

I’m an accomplished leader, who thrives on translating ideas and high-level conversations into actionable plans, taking people on the transformation journey along the way. Sustainable and meaningful success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes preparedness and commitment and to write the story that makes ambitions a reality and to leave footprints that create a legacy.

With a career that spans property, broadcast media and even politics, I’ve worked successfully with a broad range of people, from technologists to those in corporate and operational roles; from the C-suite to those on the ‘front line’. Using a combination of insights and experience, I work with leaders to identify opportunities that will drive value and make a difference, whether for employees, customers or the bottom line.

As a coach, facilitator and pragmatic enabler, I enjoy watching people grow and realise their potential. Once we’ve built clarity of ambition, I work with people to realise it. This might involve developing something personal, such as communication style, or it could be working together objectively and intelligently on practicalities such as programme management or organisational design.

Along with extensive experience in blue-chip organisations I draw on a set of tried and tested tools, as well as an infectious energy. As a result, I not only drive success but also make the experience of achieving it a rewarding one.

Interested in working together? Drop me a line at sonia@stockerhouseconsulting.co.uk, I’d love to hear your story.

Passionate about people, potential and making a difference.

Looking to make a change? Tell me your story...




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